The following refers to Step 2 as outlined in Smoke Signals. The Naranja Nation belongs to a national organization called Native Sons and Daughters Programs. For more information, please refer to

The Naranja Nation welcomes new members, either as individuals or whole tribes.

Whether or not you have been invited into a tribe, or are just looking for a group of people who share you and your daughter(s) common interests, you are welcome to join The Naranja Nation.

Our on-line registration process takes only a few minutes, and will reward you with memories that will last a lifetime.  This system was built by Circle Bridge and is secure and safe.  You will be required to pay National Longhouse Council and Naranja Nation dues (to your Chief) before you are allowed to go to any events.

Just a quick set of instructions

1.  When you first enter the registration site, click “Create Username”.

2. Enter a profile for yourself (not your daughter(s)) – Just fyi, “Login:” is the username you choose for when you return and log in to the site.

3. After you create your profile, you’ll be taken to your family’s registration home page.  From here click “Add” to create profiles for your family members.

4.  After you’ve created profiles for family members, click “Join” and add yourself to a tribe (if you’re already a member or have been invited), or if you have not spoken to a Chief select “* New Families” tribe, at which point someone from the nation will contact you to help you select a tribe that best suits your situation.