FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What ages do girls have to be to be a member of the Naranja Nation ?

A: The  Naranja Nation will accept girls that are in Kindergarten thru 5th Grade.  Some tribes within the nation may have different requirements, but exceptions can usually be made.


Q:  Why shouldn’t I just go camping with my daughter and a few of her friends on our own as opposed to joining the  Naranja Nation ?  What advantages will I receive by belonging to your organization ?

A:  Great question, the  Naranja Nation has been around for many moons.  We have relationships and guaranteed reservations at some exclusive campsites that you can only visit by belonging to a large organization.  That and the fact that our dedicated Longhouse council spends many hours on each event to make them great.  Our Camp Pendleton event is a perfect example, not only is it not available to small groups, but when we go there, we build a huge obstacle course, we get the marines to run the girls through it, we get them to bring armored vehicles down from the motor pool for the girls to climb in, etc.  These kinds of things are just not possible in a small group.


Q:  I’m new to the area and don’t know anybody and I’m looking to meet new people, is this a good venue for that?

A:  Honestly, there is probably no better way to get to know your neighbors, kids schoolmates, or just other active families in the community.  When you’re out at a Soccer or Baseball game, you’ll be running in to the same people you see in our Naranja Nation, except you’ll know them even better.


Q:  Great, sounds good, how do I find a tribe that’s right for me?

A:  Go ahead and register by clicking on the How to Join page and then clicking through to the  Naranja Nation Registration system.  When you register, put yourself in the * NEW FAMILIES tribe, and someone will contact you to find out more about you so that we may suggest a tribe or 2 for you to contact.  Some of the things we look at will be your neighborhood, the school your daughter(s) attend, or even what church or other groups you might belong to.


Q:  I have a group of friends that are interested in joining, can we form our own tribe?

A:  Absolutely, we encourage it.  While there is a lot to do with the nation, there is always free time to do things as a tribe and tribe alone.  Sign up (on the How to Join page), and when someone contacts you, let them know you want to form your own tribe and we’ll help you as much as possible.


Q:  I plan on forming my own tribe, what size of tribe do you recommend?

A:  Tribe size can be just about anything, however, for some of the nation events, having a larger tribe makes it easier to participate.  The National Longhouse recommends tribe sizes in the 10 to 15 member range, as any smaller and it’s hard to get enough people to go to an event to make it worth while, but any larger and you really have to be a committed chief to make it all work.  Currently the  Naranja Nation  has tribes that range from 5-6 members, all the way up to 30-40 members.  If you have 5-6 fathers that are really committed, you can join as a tribe and have a great time.